On November 8th Vote for . . . .


God is not sipping on Maalox because of Tuesday, November 8th.

What happens Tuesday will have zero effect on God’s eternal decree for the ages. Trust me; God is not stressed about Tuesday. His plan is not contingent on our America’s election process. He does not take his cues from the United States. So as you step into the voting booth tomorrow do so with great peace in God’s sovereignty and carry with you a Biblical perspective.

First, Christ-follower, by now we all get the fact Jesus is not running this year. Get past this reality and pick a candidate. A quick reminder, Jesus will never run for office, he does not run he only reigns. The Trinity is not even into a democracy, only a theocracy. Until a theocracy ruled by Jesus, we live in an imperfect democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not a perfect form of government but a pretty decent one so check a box.

Second, Christ-follower, you don’t have the luxury to sit this election out because you are indifferent due to the chaos leading up to tomorrow. Indifference is the purest form of hate. Don’t choose to passively hate this country. Frankly, hundreds of thousands of men and women have given their lives so you and I could check a box.

Therefore, be like the men of Issachar who understood their times (I Chron 12:32). And in the words of Jesus be shrewd as snakes (Matthew 10:16). “Shrewd understanding” sees the difference between what one candidate might do versus what one party will do. “Shrewd understanding” knows that in the past we have voted to promote our values, but this election we must vote to protect our values. “Shrewd understanding” does not seek rights for a revolution but accepts responsibilities, so we get a revival.

You and I are responsible to vote Biblically. Pick a candidate who will have the greatest opportunity to support your voting strategy:

1. Vote to protect life.
2. Vote to protect freedom.
3. Vote to protect marriage.
4. Vote to protect the judiciary.
5. Vote to protect sexuality.

Pray this election up, ask for discernment, and cast your vote. A Christ-follower can’t lose on Tuesday; I read the end of the book.

Jesus will be King on Wednesday morning.

The next move is yours.

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