I have been married to my wife Stacey for the last 29 years. I met her when she was 12 and it took 7 years to convince her that I was God’s will for her. We have what we believe are the 3 most gifted kids ever. Our oldest is married, one is in College and another in High School. All this to say, we are financially broke.

During the last decade, I have had the privilege to pastor some of the most patient, “grace giving,“ people in the world at Crossroads Community Church in Valencia, California. In June of 2006, a group of 25 people began meeting in the backyard of a home for summer Bible studies.

God faithfully gathered us around a vision to plant a new church in the Santa Clarita Valley. In September of 2006 Crossroads Community Church launched public services at West Ranch High School with 187 people at our first service. By the very next Sunday we grew to 97 people (we are working on the book even as you read this). In spite of us, God has blessed this church. Over the last decade, Crossroads has grown to some 2000 people with 1500 regular attendees each weekend.

Our mission is not fuzzy. The Great Commission was not the great suggestion. So we will exhaust ourselves to see people come to Know Christ, Grow in Christ, and Go to serve Christ. We have and will continue to be active in supporting church plants as we believe every town should have more Bible teaching churches than Starbucks.  I am one of those crazy people that believe’s the local church is the hope of the world.

So our prayer is that Crossroads will go 100 years with gospel vitality and doctrinal purity. We understand that we are only a small part of His church, and we are not building “a kingdom” but “The Kingdom.” So we consider ourselves incredibly blessed even to be used by the King. For more information about Crossroads Community Church visit www.lifeatcrossroads.org

I still have dreams of being the quarterback for the Denver Broncos or being called to Maui as a Missionary. Until that happens my desire is to faithfully lead and serve God’s people. After spending 20 years in the secular business world as a Marketing Executive for a National Healthcare Provider, I learned a great deal about leadership. Secular leadership is based on power and leverage while Biblical leadership is based on sacrifice and character.

It has taken me some 20 years to finally put the pieces of the biblical leadership puzzle together. My ministry and website focus is to help communicate the substance of biblical Leadership. In some small way, I hope I can help people see the “wisdom” of the wisdom of God.